Our history

Foundation of the trading house

Foundation of the Gaussem trading house, by Conrad GAUSSEM, who created the Chartrons district in the 15th century (the mother of Mr. Jacques DUBOURG having been born GAUSSEM).



A pioneering grouping

Grouping of several old trading companies of the DUBOURG-GAUSSEM family.

Birth of the Union Vinicole de Gascogne

The Union Vinicole de Gascogne, which became Union Vinicole de Gironde in 2017, was created in June 1950 on the initiative of Messrs. Jacques FLEURY and Jacques DUBOURG, brothers-in-law, in order to bring together several old trading companies of the DUBOURG-GAUSSEM family.



Colette Fleury joins her father and uncle within UVG.

The company is very present in France, where it has a private customer file of more than 50,000 loyal customers, with more than fifty representatives spread across the entire national territory. The direct sales business developed by Mr. Alix DUBOURG in 1927 was thus continued under UVG by his descendants.

Olivier FLEURY perpetuates the family tradition and becomes co-manager of the company after having, since 1994, managed Caves Fleury, another family company.



Purchase of Château du PAVILLON and Château LES ROQUES, with relocation of the head offices of the various wine companies to Sainte-Croix du Mont. Beginning of the vineyard with 9 hectares of vines.

Expansion of the estate to 35 hectares of vines, with the takeover of Château BOUCHOC in Sainte-Croix du Mont, other plots of sweet white in the village, a new property in Cérons of 4 hectares in Graves red and white under the brand already existing Château FLEURY.

New Parisian distribution company in Neuilly (92).